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Happy 2013 Guys!

January 17, 2013
Finally got the opportunity to update my blog- thanks to the office resumption.
Honestly, I’m lost for words to write or even say. My emotions are just so mixed up. I’ve still not been able to sort them, or maybe I don’t want to sort them. I don’t know.

Just a rundown…

  • He stopped calling me. DO
  • He got me a watch for xmas/new year, but now I think it was actually a farewell gift.
  • We finally went to see the movie I was owing us. It was a morning movie and he hurriedly left.
  • He stopped replying my messages and chat
  • I think he lied.
To more interesting things:
  • I traveled home to see my folks. It was all Sleep, cook, sleep, cook…I didn’t eat much. Didn’t find the appetite.
  • I attended church and other religious activities, went for deliverance….I caught the fire also started developing an addiction to Emmanuel TV like my folks are. lol.
  • Met someone new-on the phone, we haven’t seen face to face. We chat alot and he calls alot. I prefer chatting to calling though.
  • I also am in constant chat with another guy- we went too UNN together he calls often too.
  • I couldn’t go swimming as I planned. So sad as I didn’t find an opportunity to display my hot bikini and trunk..
  • I was able to give my peeps little Xmas gifts.  They were all very excited. I wish I could do much more. Still owe them though.
  • Also did some Xmas gifting to two people. Still have a lot on my list who I owe. Will find time in the year to do that.
This year I hope to blog more. Smile more, Give more. Work more, Socialize more, Pray more, Play more, Eat more, Sleep more. and Daydream less. lol

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