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This can’t be real

December 13, 2012
How do I start this story?
….An elder colleague who sit on my right in the office (he used to buy me biscuits everyday)  always calls me ‘the girl from afikpo’. I always corrected him, insisting I’m not from that place and he should stop saying I come from there.

Fast forward to some weeks ago….

On one of my tiring trips home from work, I got a free lift at my final bus-stop to my house gate. He (The man who gave me the lift), tried chatting, but I was in no mood to respond cos I was damn tired. He told me his name and some other stuffs which I forgot when I got home. I gave him my number anyways (something I noticed I always do these day-you don’t know were PP can come from).

After some time, I received a call from someone and he had to explain before I remembered who he was.
He calls at intervals but I always give him an legit excuses for not wanting to see him.

Fast forward to Yesterday
He called again and I finally told him where he could meet me (Same bus-stop he picked me up on the first day).
I got to the bus-stop and we met. He suggested we went somewhere to sit over a drink and chat. I refused and said he could talk while he took me to my gate. While he asked question, I noticed I only answered in monosyllabic sentences.  He irritates me-anyways, I was trying so hard to be nice. I remembered he asked me what my genotype was. I told him, then he blabbed about how a relationship he had failed because they were both AS. He also asked what my likes and dislikes were. I told him they were numerous. Finally ended up telling him I hated liars and dirt. I emphasized on the “dirt” because his car, probably him smelt funny. He mentioned he was from Afikpo and some thoughts crossed my mind. I was like what if the colleague in my office was prophesying into my life, anyway I was saying a silent God forbid. He is damn Ugly.

Btw…I had a dream last night. In it , i saw DO and very close Igbo friend. The Summary of the dream was basically that I’ll  always come second in DO’s life. If the dreams means anything…I’ll find out by the end of this week. Today at work, he was acting sorta cold. I asked if i offended him in anyway and he said no. My conscience is clear.


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