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I’m in Love….again.

December 5, 2012
Chioma is in love again oh!

I’ld call it dangerous love cos there are alot of odds. But honestly, now I’m in love with him I don’t see those things as odds, cos I think I can comfortably overcome them.

I remember vividly, him asking me (not once, not twice) if I could marry a Yoruba man. I would scream No!! even add a God forbid. But now…I can and hope to.

Also the issue of faith. I’m Catholic and would love to remain so, but he’s Pentecostal-this is a very tricky one cos I deep down hope I could win him over.

DO is leaving the office this December…he won’t be resuming with us in January. I already miss him like mad. I hope we don’t lose contact. You know what distance does to people-and since I’m not the calling type. But I’m so exciting for him and I wish him all the best (I pray for him everyday). He shall find favour in whatever he does. What ever he puts his hands to shall prosper-that’s my prayer for him…and yes he should not forget me, cos he’s always in my heart.

If you ever get to read this DO, I want you to know that I really care about you. The thought of you put a lasting smile on my face…and gives me joy in my heart. I really wish I could make you happier or do something for you (maybe a shoulder to lean on)but you always seem self sufficient-which is really good. If we get to work-splendid, but if you go and leave me behind, it’s all good. Just know I feel honoured to have known you. I wish I had known you earlier!


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