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A new routine for me

July 12, 2012

Today is my first day in church. I had decided to start spending my lunch break in the church- in front of the Blessed Sacrament. I was to start on Monday, but got so busy at the office that I skipped lunch. But today (Wednesday), after lunch with DP, I decided to use the remaining 30mins to at least familiarize myself with my new routine. So I found my way to the Cathedral.
 I’m at the Cathedral writing this and I’m wondering why I decided to be spending my lunch here? Ok, it’s just to have a quiet time with God, tell him what I’ve been through since the last time I saw him (in this place) and ask him for new favours and direction.
….For now I like my office (Job). So my focus will be on a life partner. He (God) has to answer me before the year runs out. I’m ready to settle down. I really wasn’t ready before even though I talked about marriage a lot before. But now, I’m ready and ready to settle down, make babies and run a home.
I want to ask for a sign Lord concerning this marriage issue. I get scared most times because there are some people I don’t fancy at all coming my way (and in my thoughts) and I don’t want the sign to favour them. An example of the signs I had in mind were for “the chosen” to call me at a particular time of a particular day, but I changed my mind about it. I used to have a sign, a terrific one (I wasn’t serious-pray- about it) and besides I wrote it down somewhere and I’m sure someone would have had a glimpse of it. So I’ll come up with another one and then I’ll fast and pray about it. This is so the devil will not use it against me.
Lord I’ve already complied the list of the qualities I want in my future husband, I’ll bring it tomorrow and we can work on it.

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