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The End times’ Here Mum…and I’m scared…..for my Kids unborn

March 14, 2012
This post is directed to my Mum, though I know she won’t see it cos the best she does on the internet is to read the news via her mobile phone.

Mum, this is it. With the situation of things around the world especially in my dear country Nigeria, I don’t feel like I want to get married. The reason being that I don’t want to bring up my Kids in this cruel world. This world is full of wickedness.

If raising my kids is up to me and my (future) extended family alone, I have no problem. But my child will have to go to school, he/she will have to socialize and then……he gets mixed-up messages or rather mixed up ideas. Is family right or is family really being logical, Does God really exist? Stuffs like that!

The forces outside are really strong and I’m afraid to say that they are becoming stronger by the day. Their influence is becoming stronger by every passing minute and it is scary, sorry I had to repeat myself there but I’m  really scared.

I look around and people I admire and respect turn around and declare that God doesn’t exist! How heartbreaking!

So you see Mother, I don’t want to raise a child that will go to school and get all the knowledge he can and then doubt the existence of God, it will be too heartbreaking.

I almost did that but thanks to the foundation you gave me. I met this lady online, Facebook to be precise and she is a learned atheist. I’ve tried to convince her in my own little way that God really exists, but she gave me points and those point were really intelligent and logical. She has this phrase she always use “Logic Rules”. All the Christians that came across her were logically weak cos she won all the argument. I started having small doubts in my mind………… but I’m Ok now. I kinda broke communication with her. Though we are still friends on facebook, but I don’t pay any attention to what she post.

This is to God…

Dear God, I’m really scared and I fear the day you would choose to show to the world that you are real. 

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  1. This is very fascinating and astonishing pic of expression of self.While I'm compel to agree with most of the claims especially ones about the current spread of diverse knowledge in the world today, I don't think the joy and happy that comes from family can be undermine by the current trend in diverse ideas and knowledge sharing. Although those forces may appear to be strong on the surface, they are fuel by ideas and beliefs just like the one so dear to you. Your ability to withstand the forces you encounter everyday was passed on to you by your mother, which in my assessment, qualifies you to be a mother to a child looking for a role model and example.

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